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We are a team of experienced and motivated individuals dedicated to solving problems, and creating solutions for people who prefer to focus on their business over the challenges presented by IT.

Passionate Leadership

Our team lives by the philosophy that strong ethics, transparency and positivity are the tools in which a business should be run. We use these to form the best possible product and outcome for our end-users.

Our Goal

​We set a goal to make technology your partner, and your asset. While repair and maintenance are always important parts of our business, we also recognize how integral technology can be in making you successful.


Aaron Ruby

With over 18 years of professional IT experience, Aaron has had the good fortune to grow up in an era where technology has become more and more prominent. Out of necessity and passion, he is a self-taught technician and strategist who can find solutions to any problem.


Jacqueline Ruby
VP of Finance

​Jacqueline is our in-house Accountant with multiple accomplishments along the way in her career in Finance and IT. A highly hard-working business woman, she brings multiple degrees and much-needed value to our business. Jacqueline's drive and determination are imperative to allowing us to achieve our goals as a business.


Dave Cruz
Founding Member

Our in-house methodical planner, with impeccable attention to detail, Dave brings value to every facet of our business. As a electrical engineer and networking specialist, he is multi-faceted in his skills and is our jack of all trades.

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